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The list below includes DMP images published in digital and printed media. Photographs used by non-profit conservation organizations were donated for single-use. There are many excellent photographers out there and I greatly appreciate those who have selected my images for use in their digital media and printed publications! Note that selecting links below will redirect you to other websites.

Electronic Media Contributions

*Great Plains Reptile Monitoring Project (website for my dissertation research)

*Colorado Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (shared webmaster duties)

Printed Publications

Photographs in the 2015 Colorado Outdoors - Annual Photo Issue:

Short-horned Lizard (neonate under a yucca) @ 0:37 in the video

Plateau Fence Lizard (male basking at dusk) @ 4:07 in the video

There are a lot of other awesome photos in the issue that look even better in print! You can get a copy of the issue in most retailers that sell magazines in Colorado, or from: http://coloradooutdoorsmag.com/magazine/

2015 Colorado Outdoors - Annual Photo Issue

Colorado Lottery, 2016 Calendar. (Greater Roadrunner with Prairie Lizard, Wood Duck drake, Mallard drake).

Colorado Outdoors, Annual Photography Issue, Nov./Dec. 2015, 64(6): (Short-horned Lizard), (Plateau Fence Lizard).

Ojima, D.S., J. Steiner, S. McNeeley, K. Cozetto, A.N. Childress, et al. 2015. Great Plains Regional Technical Input Report. Island Press, Washington, DC. Front Cover (Prairie Snowball, Bison bull, wind turbines), p 1 (Black-tailed Prairie Dog), 2 (Hereford cattle), 40 (passing rainstorm on shortgrass prairie), 51 (Coyotes & Black-billed Magpies), 68 (Short-horned Lizard), 68 (wind turbines & oil truck), 114 (Bison bull).

Martin, D. May/Jun. 2015. Reptile Roundup: Studying reptile diversity on Colorado's Eastern Plains. Colorado Outdoors 64(3):30–31 (Lesser Earless Lizard, landscape of Picture Canyon, Plateau Fence Lizard, Ornate Box Turtle, North American Racer) + Front Cover (Lesser Earless Lizard).

Colorado Outdoors, Annual Photography Issue, Nov./Dec. 2014, 63(6):11 (Woodhouse’s Toad), 26 (Bullsnake).

Amphibians of Wyoming, 2015 Calendar: September (Bullfrog). Wyoming Natural Diversity Database & the Biodiversity Institute, Laramie, Wyoming.

Sonoran Herpetologist Newsletter/Journal:

• Dec. 2014, 27(4):89 (Prairie Lizard in sandsage).

• Mar. 2015, 28(1):3 (Southwestern Fence Lizard on wooden post).

• Mar. 2015, 28(1):13 (Lesser Earless Lizard impaled on barbed-wire by shrike).

Martin, D. Mar./Apr. 2014. Great Plains reptile monitoring project – request for volunteers and rangeland access. Colorado Outdoors 63(2):28–29 (Eastern Collared Lizard, Ornate Box Turtle, Colorado Checkered Whiptail, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, spiny lizard, Lesser Earless Lizard, Texas Horned Lizard).

Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

• PARC 2014 Annual Report: Page 9 (Long-nosed Leopard Lizard).

Year of the Snake, 2013 Calendar contest: 1st place (July, Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed Snake), 2nd place (February, Plains Hog-nosed Snake).

• PARC 2013 Annual Report: Front Cover (Prairie Rattlesnake) & Back Cover (Bullsnake, Terrestrial Gartersnake) covers, +1 inside document (p. 13, Eastern Collared Lizard) *1 back cover photo inadvertently credited to ‘Mike Martin’.

Independent Art Show, Mugs Coffee Lounge (10% proceeds donated)

Grand Opening of the North Central Climate Science Center, Colorado State University. 2013. (Pronghorn)

S. E. Hanser, et al. (eds). 2011. Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation and Management: Ecoregional Assessment Tools and Models for the Wyoming Basins. Allen Press, Lawrence, KS. Front Cover (Pronghorn).

Texas Horned Lizard Watch, Management and Monitoring Packet. 2011. Texas Parks and Wildlife p. 2 (Round-tailed Horned Lizard, Short-horned Lizard) [informational and monitoring program materials].

River Otter Survey of the Green River, Colorado, July 2010. Colorado Division of Wildlife Report by B. Holmes. (River Otter tracks on the bank of the Green River)

*Horned Lizard Conservation Society, Merchandise Catalog. 2010. (design).

Martin, D. 2006 (1st ed., design, text & photos), 2009 (2nd ed., text & photos). Guide to the Horned Lizards of Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife. 

Martin, D., & B. Holmes. 2007. Fit for Ferrets: Extensive Preparation Precedes the Release of Black-footed Ferrets into the Wild. Colorado Outdoors. 56(3):28–30 (Black-footed Ferret).

"Imagine Your Dream Job". 2007. Colorado Division of Wildlife [informational brochure & webpage].

Martin, D. 2006. The Blood-Squirting Short-horned Lizard. Colorado Outdoors 55(2):35–37 (Short-horned Lizard, shortgrass prairie landscape).

USDA Feral Hog Management Plan for Fort Riley, Kansas. 1999. Front Cover (graphite illustration of feral hog) and figure (graphite illustration of feral hog track).

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